Telecom & Server Racks

We provide server and telecommunication racks to suit the needs of our customers that help to accommodate computers and electronic equipment. We make sure that the racks are customized to take care of your various needs by looking into different requirements as follows:

  • Capacity: The dimensions are chosen such that appropriate floor space is taken and hence it suits your office or factory space
  • Configuration: The power connection, fans and level of adaptability are different for clients and network racks will be made accordingly
  • Security of data: The access to racks can be limited for telecommunication racks as we provide an option for multiple locks

We understand that the telecom server racks will be an additional investment and therefore, it is constant endeavour to provide them at reasonable prices. These are available in different designs and sizes by meeting the stringent requirements of ISO 1998-2008 system. We also provide racks in different colours to match the interiors of your offices. While manufacturing, the main focus of our skilled team is to help our clients in space optimization and in keeping the data safe and secure through telecommunication servers. The different types of racks include lab tables, customized racks, telecom server racks, floor mount, wall mount network servers etc. which can be made by using materials like aluminium, steel and their composites. We ensure that our customers are satisfied with the product with the help of our high quality and timely services. We cater to a large clientele base including automotive, telecommunication, pharmaceutical and other mechanical industries.